Sparco GRIP

Sparco GRIP

12,900.00 บาท

The Grip gaming seat allows the player to adjust the seat height and angle. The backrest reclines and provides fine lumbar adjustment.

The gaming seat is upholstered with the same synthetic leather used for after-market automotive products, guaranteeing excellent resistance against wear and tear. As well as being easy to wash and clean simply with a damp cloth, synthetic leather also has a long useful life.

The gaming seat has a mechanism that stops it from tipping over by preventing the back from reclining by more than 150°. Moreover, it also comes with a rocking mechanism and a polished aluminium base with an SGS / BIFMAX5.1 / EN1335 certified piston and 5 sturdy wheels. A TPU footboard prevents the feet from slipping while using the gaming seat.

The arms are type 4D with multi-directional movement.

Warning: this is not a car seat and should not be used in the car.