SteelSeries Gaming
SteelSeries Keyborad 1.Years
Model :: Apex Raw Illuminated (THAI)


SteelSeries Apex [RAW]
Designed to enable users to react quickly & customize its performance for every game.

Brilliant White Illumination
Featuring 8 levels of intensity to help you easily see your keys and find your macros

Fastest Key Combinations
Raised macro keys enable you to quickly swipe down for rapid key combos.

Massively More Macros
34 more ways to win thanks to 17 macro keys that each feature up to 2 layers.

Faster Return to WASD
Small bumps on the W-key provides a faster return to WASD.

Superior Anti-ghosting
Up to 20 simultaneous keypresses compared to 3-10 in standard gaming keyboards.

Integrated Media Keys
Use the SteelSeries key to adjust volume, brightness, control media, and more.

Backed by Engine
Customize, configure, and tweak for all your games with SteelSeries Engine.

Price:  1,990 Baht