Thrustmaster Gaming
Thrustmaster 1.Years
Model :: T.16000M



Fully ambidextrous joystick!

3 removable components allow the joystick to be perfectly tailored for left-handed or right-handed use

Piloting with a joystick in each hand is now possible in all games compatible with two joysticks

16 action buttons!

12 on the base and 4 on the stick

Exclusive precision technology: H.E.A.R.T.– HALLEFFECT ACCURATE TECHNOLOGY™ !

3D (Hall Effect) magnetic sensors located on the stick:

Offer precision levels 256 times greater than current systems (i.e. a resolution attaining 16,000 x 16,000 values!)

Magnets ensure friction-free action for unlimited precision in time

Helical spring (2.8 mm diameter) located in the stick providing firm, linear and smooth tension

4 independent axes

Trigger for brakes (civilian flights) or rapid fire (military flights) control

picto feature

Switch enabling users to configure the 12 buttons located on the base in a left- or right-handed position

Multidirectional hat (for panoramic view)

Ergonomic design for optimum comfort

Wide hand rest for reduced stress

Weighted base for enhanced stability

Plug & Play device offering extremely simple and quick installation, with all features preconfigured for immediate and hassle-free takeoff!

picto feature

Rudder controlled by rotating the stick


Price:  2,650 Baht